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Family Details
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Generation Number Generation No 6
Family -Member
14. ESTHER AGNES6 PALMER (ALBERT EDWARD5, JOHN4, ELIZABETH 3 DAWES, ANN2, ROBERT1) was born 1899 in Stanton Drew, Som, Eng, and died Unknown.   
She married (1) EDWARD FRANK ROSEWELL Abt. 1920. He was born 1896, and died 1976 in Easton-in-Gordano, Som, Eng.  
She married (2) TOM GREEN Aft. 1925 in Bridgwater. He was born Abt. 1899, and died Unknown. 

Census Details

Cenus Location Family
1901  Dwelling:
Census Place: Chew Magna, Som, Eng
Albert E PALMER M 30 M Trull, Gls, Eng Rel: Head Occ: Coal miner
Plenty PALMER M 22 F Stanton Drew, Som, Eng 1879 Rel: Wife
Ernest A PALMER S 2 M Stanton Drew, Som, Eng 1899 Rel: Son
Hester M PALMER S 2 F Stanton Drew, Som, Eng 1899 Rel: Daur
Victor C PALMER S 9m M Stanton Drew, Som, Eng 1900 Rel: Son
Mary PENNY Wid 69 F Chew Magna, Som, Eng 1832 Rel: Mother-in-law
William EMERY S 10 M Stanton Drew, Som, Eng 1891 Rel: Nephew
More Photos & Notes
i. ELIZABETH PLENTY7 ROSEWELL, b. 1921; d. 1990; m. GRANNARD MAHON GRIGG, 1941; b. 1920; d. 20 December 2000, Portishead, Som, Eng.
Children of ESTHER PALMER and TOM GREEN are:
2 children