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CLAPHAM FAMILY Starting in Wiltshire and later in Gloucestershire and Somerset.
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Family Details
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Generation Number Generation No 4
Family -Member
6. MARGARET4 PALMER (ROBERT3, BETTY2, ROBERT1) was born May 1849 in Leigh, Wil, Eng, and died Unknown. 

Census Details

Cenus Location Family
1851  Census Place,:Leigh, Wiltshire, England   Robert PALMER 30 Ag. Lab. Leigh, Wilts.
Elizabeth PALMER 23 Ashton Keynes
John PALMER 3 Male Leigh, Wilts.
Margaret PALMER 1 Leigh, Wilts.
Cenus Location Family
1861  Dwelling: Happy Land, Tetbury
Census Place: Tetbury
Robert PALMER Mar 48 M The Leigh, Wilt, Rel: Head Occ: Ag Lab cowman
Elizabeth PALMER Mar 43 F Ashton Keynes, Wilt,Rel: Wife
Margaret PALMER Unm 21 F The Leigh, Wilt, Rel: Daur
Edith PALMER 5 F Hailstone Farm, Glos, Rel: Daur
Albert PALMER 5 months M Tetbury, Glos, Rel: Son
Frances K PALMER 10 months F Ashton Keynes, Wilt, Rel: Granddaur
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i. FRANCES KATE5 PALMER, b. Abt. 1870, Ashton Keynes, Wil, Eng; d. Unknown.