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CLAPHAM FAMILY Starting in Wiltshire and later in Gloucestershire and Somerset.
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Generation Number Generation No 2
Family -Member
2. BETTY2 CLAPHAM (ROBERT1) was born 1790 in Duntisborne Abbots, Gls, Eng, and died 1863 in Leigh, Wil, Eng.

She married WILLIAM PALMER 29 October 1809 in All Saints Church, The Leigh, Wil, Eng, son of THOMAS PALMER and MARY SELBY. He was born 1783 in Leigh, Wil, Eng, and died 1840 in Leigh, Wil, Eng.

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i. HANNAH3 PALMER, b. 19 November 1811, Leigh, Wil, Eng; d. Unknown.
ii. MARGARET PALMER, b. 20 January 1812, Leigh, Wil, Eng; d. Unknown.
wiii. JOHN PALMER, b. 1816, Leigh, Wil, Eng; d. March 1829, Leigh, Wil, Eng.
3. iv. ROBERT PALMER, b. 1817, Leigh, Wil, Eng; d. Aft. 1881.
v. ANN PALMER, b. 1824, Leigh, Wil, Eng; d. Unknown.
vi. ELIZABETH PALMER, b. 1826, Leigh, Wil, Eng; d. Unknown.
vii. MARY ANNE PALMER, b. 1828, Leigh, Wil, Eng; d. Unknown.
4. viii. JANE PALMER, b. 1830, Leigh, Wil, Eng; d. Unknown.