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Notes & Photos
Family Details
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Generation Number Generation No 4
Family -Member
  19. SARAH4 BLAKE (THOMAS3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born 1838 in West Littleton, Gls, Eng, and died Aft. 1900.
  She married GEORGE HALL 22 October 1853 in St James, West Littleton, Gls, Eng, son of SARAH HALL. He was born 1824 in Dyrham, Gls, Eng, and died Aft. 1900.

Census Details
Cenus Location Family
1841   Tormarton  Isaac GALE Head 38 Ag Lab Glos
Sarah GALE wife 37 Glos
Jane GALE daur 13 Glos
Elizabeth GALE daur 11 Glos
William GALE son 9 Glos
Joseph GALE son 6 Glos
Mary Ann GALE daur 4 Glos
Jacob GALE son 1 Glos
George HALL son-inlaw ? 18 Ag lab Glos 
Cenus Location Family
1851  Tormarton  Isaac GALE Head 48 Ag Lab Hankerton
Sarah GALE wife 47 West Kington
George HALL son 27 Ag Lab Hinton
Joseph GALE son 15 Ag Lab Tormarton
Mary Ann GALE daur 13 Tormarton
Jacob GALE son 11 Ag Lab Tormarton
Isaac GALE son 9 Ag Lab Tormarton
Sarah GALE daur 6 Tormarton 
Cenus Location Family
1861  Tormarton  George HALL Head M 37 Carter Dyrham
Sarah HALL wife M 36 Carter's wife West Littleton
John HALL son 6 Tormarton
Isaac HALL son 3 Tormarton
Joseph MULDING lodger U 19 Groom Quedgeley Glos 
Cenus Location Family
1871  Tormarton  George HALL Head M 47 Labourer Dyrham
Sarah HALL Wife M 46 Labourer's wife West Littleton
John HALL son 16 Tormarton
Isaac HALL son 13 Tormarton
Jane HALL daur 6 Tormarton
Hester BA??OW lodger W 75 Tormarton 
Cenus Location Family
1881  Dwelling: Cottage
Census Place: Tormarton, Gloucester, England 
George HALL M 57 M Dyrham, Gloucester, England Rel: Head Occ: Ag Lab
Sarah HALL M 56 F West Littleton, Gloucester, England Rel: Wife Occ: Ag Lab Wife 
Cenus Location Family
1891  Tormarton  George HALL Head M 67 Ag lab Dirham
Sarah HALL Wife M 66 West Littleton 
Cenus Location Family
1901  Dwelling:
Census Place: Tormarton, Gls, Eng 
George HALL M 77 M Hinton, Gls, Eng Rel: Head Occ: Retired farm labourer
Sarah HALL M 76 F West Littleton, Som, Eng Rel: Wife  

More Photos & Notes
Children of SARAH BLAKE and GEORGE HALL are:
29. i. JOHN5 HALL, b. January 1855, Tormarton; d. Aft. 1935. 
ii. THOMAS HALL, b. October 1856, Tormarton; d. April 1857, Tormarton. 
iii. ISAAC HALL, b. May 1858, Tormarton; d. Unknown. 
iv. ANN HALL, b. January 1861, Tormarton; d. January 1861, Tormarton. 
v. WILLIAM HALL, b. August 1862, Tormarton; d. June 1863 
vi. JANE HALL, b. July 1864, Tormarton; d. Unknown.