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Notes & Photos
Family Details
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Generation Number Generation No 5
Family -Member
29 JOHN5 HALL (SARAH4 BLAKE, THOMAS3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born January 1855 in Tormarton, and died 1941.  
He married HANNAH HENDY 27 April 1878 in St Mary Magdalene, Tormarton, daughter of WILLIAM HENDY and ANN STRANGE. She was born May 1860 in Tormarton, and died August 1895 in Tormarton. 

Census Details
Cenus Location Family
1861  Tormarton  George HALL Head M 37 Carter Dyrham
Sarah HALL wife M 36 Carter's wife West Littleton
John HALL son 6 Tormarton
Isaac HALL son 3 Tormarton
Joseph MULDING lodger U 19 Groom Quedgeley Glos  
Cenus Location Family
1871  Tormarton  George HALL Head M 47 Labourer Dyrham
Sarah HALL Wife M 46 Labourer's wife West Littleton
John HALL son 16 Tormarton
Isaac HALL son 13 Tormarton
Jane HALL daur 6 Tormarton
Hester BA??OW lodger W 75 Tormarton  
Cenus Location Family
1881  Dwelling Cottage
Census Place Tormarton, Gloucester, England 
John HALL Head M Male 26 Tormarton, Gloucester, England General Labourer
Hannah HALL Wife M Female 21 Tormarton, Gloucester, England General Labourer Wife
William HALL Son Male 1 Tormarton, Gloucester, England  
Cenus Location Family
1891  Dwelling:
Census Place: Tormarton  
Christian Surname Rel: Marr Age Occupation Birthplace
John HALL Head M 36 Ag lab Tormarton
Hannah HALL Wife M 31 Tormarton
William HALL Son 11 Ag lab Tormarton
Emily Jane HALL Daur 9 Scholar Tormarton
Sarah Ann HALL Daur 8 Scholar Tormarton
Annie HALL Daur 6 Scholar Tormarton
Kate HALL Daur 4 Scholar Tormarton
George HALL Son 1 Tormarton
Cenus Location Family
1901  Dwelling:
Census Place: Tormarton, Gls, Eng 
Christian Surname Rel: Marr Age Occupation Birthplace
John HALL Head Marr 30 Farm Labourer High Ham, Som
WilliamLabourer HALL Son S 21 Labourer Tormarton, Gls
Sarah A HALL Daur S 18 Housekeeper Tormarton, Gls
Kate HALL Daur S 14 Monitor at School Tormarton, Gls
George HALL Son S 11 Tormarton, Gls
Mathilda HALL Daur S 7 Tormarton, Gls

More Photos & Notes
Children of JOHN HALL and HANNAH HENDY are: 
  35. i. WILLIAM 'BILL'5 HALL, b. August 1879, Tormarton; d. Abt. 1950. 
  ii. EMILY JANE (QUEENIE) HALL, b. 17 May 1881, Tormarton; d. 6 March 1977, London. 
  36. iii. SARAH ANN HALL, b. December 1882, Tormarton; d. Abt. 1951, Tormarton, Gloucestershire.  
  37. iv. ANNIE HALL, b. 11 January 1885, Tormarton; d. 9 October 1954, Backwell.  
  v. KATE (KITTY) HALL, b. 22 August 1886, Tormarton; d. 2 March 1975, Leatherhead, Surrey.  
  vi. GEORGE HALL, b. April 1890, Tormarton; d. 17 August 1916, France. 
  38. vii. MATHILDA (TILLY) HALL, b. 4 February 1894, Tormarton; d. 8 February 1969, Islington, London