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Generation Number Generation No 6
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  9. JANE6 STRANGE (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4, ROBERT3, RICHARD STRANGE (THE2 YOUNGER), RICHARD1 STRANGE) was born October 1804 in Tormarton, and died July 1870 in Tormarton.  
  She married JOHN BOND 15 July 1830 in Tormarton. He was born 1806 in Tormarton, Gls, Eng, and died March 1882 in Tormarton, Gls, Eng.  

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Children of JANE STRANGE and JOHN BOND are:
i. SARAH7 BOND, b. 1831, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Unknown.
ii. ANN BOND, b. 1834; d. Unknown.
iii. ALFRED BOND, b. 1838, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. November 1839, Tormarton, Gls, Eng.
iv. MARY BOND, b. 1842, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. July 1845, Tormarton, Gls, Eng.
16. v. EMMA BOND, b. 1846, Tormarton, Gls, Eng; d. Unknown.