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Family Details
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Generation Number Generation No 4
Family -Member
4. HENRY4 HOLLYMAN (SAMUEL3, HENRY2, SAMUEL1) was born 6 June 1870, and died 1953 in Cheddar, Som, Eng.
He married (1) ELIZABETH ANNE STONE Bet. July - September 1894 in Bedminster, Som, Eng, daughter of HENRY STONE and HANNAH DERRICK. She was born 1871 in Clevedon, Som, Eng, and died 1930 in Swansea, Wales.
He married (2) CAROLINE MARY HANNAH GOUGH Bet. April - June 1936 in Weston-Super-Mare, Som, Eng. She was born Abt. 1890, and died Abt. 1952.

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More Photos & Notes
i. LOUISA FLORENCE5 HOLLYMAN, b. 1895, Swansea, Wales; d. 1981; m. BERT MOIRE, Aft. 1920; b. Abt. 1895; d. Unknown.
ii. HENRY ARNOLD HOLLYMAN, b. 1897, Swansea, Wales; d. 1970; m. ELEANOR CRIDGE, Bet. _January - March 1923, Swansea, Wales; b. Abt. 1897; d. Unknown.
iii. HILDA HOLLYMAN, b. 1898, Swansea, Wales; d. 1980; m. GEORGE BAKER, Aft. 1920; b. Abt. 1898; d. Unknown.
iv. ELIZABETH HOLLYMAN, b. 1899; d. Unknown.
v. ELSIE BEATRICE HOLLYMAN, b. 1901, Swansea, Wales; d. 1982; m. WILLIAM BAKER, Bet. July - September 1924, Axbridge, Som, Eng; b. Abt. 1901; d. Unknown.
vi. ALEXANDRA VIOLET HOLLYMAN, b. 1902, Swansea, Wales; d. Unknown.
vii. LILY IRENE HOLLYMAN, b. 1904, Swansea, Wales; d. 1923.
viii. ROSE ENID HOLLYMAN, b. 1913, Swansea, Wales; d. 1952; m. TREVOR WILLIAMS, Bet. January - March 1936, Swansea, Wales; b. Abt. 1913; d. Unknown.